Panacea's Contacts


  • Role: Fixer
  • Loyalty: 1
  • Connection: 5
  • Background: A seldom seen woman with secrets to swap and jobs to offer, Sora comes and goes out of Panacea’s life as she pleases. Both parties are aware that any debt there once was has been paid.. She gets a piece of the proverbial pie for Panacea not dying on the job, and he gets just enough nuyen to scrape by. “A mutually beneficial agreement,” Sora would call it


  • Role: Android Pharmacist
  • Loyalty: 2
  • Connection: 2
  • Background: Pharmaceutical Assistant Android model number 301, or as Panacea (and the android her/itself) have come to affectionately call ‘Andy’, is exactly that. Largely running off of skillsofts, Andy has limited connections and functions, but they have always been there to provide Panacea with the medical equipment they need, no questions asked. Perhaps it’s a just a glitch in the system?


  • Role: Arms Dealer, Old Friend
  • Loyalty: 4
  • Connection: 4
  • Background: Once Panacea’s Dril Sergeant during his short bout of training with the Marines, the troll never did stop calling him ‘Sarge’ or ‘Grinder’. The two worked together often, and Grinder was actually one of the people who spoke out against the charges against Panacea. The two occasionally meet for ‘casual’ events, but as Grinder still has access to military grade equipment, he has become an invaluable asset for ammo, info, and occasional repair work.

Panacea's Contacts

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