The cure for what ails you...


== Info ==
Street Name: Panacea
Name: Vincent Mark
Movement: 15/35, Swim: 7
Troll M Age 33
Height 8’1 Weight 605 lbs
Composure: 5
Judge Intentions: 4
Lift/Carry: 11 (75 kg/50 kg)
Memory: 8

== Attributes ==
BOD: 6, AGI: 4, REA: 4 (5) , STR: 5, CHA: 2, INT: 2, LOG: 5, WIL: 3, EDG: 3

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 4
Initiative: 6 (7)
IP: 1 (2)
Matrix Initiative: 4
Matrix IP: 2
Physical Damage Track: 11
Stun Damage Track: 10

== Active Skills ==
Armorer : 1 Pool: 6
Automatics : 3 Pool: 7
Climbing : 2 Pool: 7
Cybertechnology : 4 Pool: 9
Dodge : 1 Pool: 6
First Aid : 4 Pool: 9
Gunnery : 3 Pool: 7
Gymnastics : 2 Pool: 6
Heavy Weapons : 4 Pool: 8
Longarms : 3 Pool: 7
Medicine : 4 Pool: 9
Perception : 2 Pool: 4
Pilot Ground Craft : 1 [Car] Pool: 6 (8)
Pistols : 3 Pool: 7
Running : 2 Pool: 7
Survival : 2 Pool: 5
Swimming : 2 Pool: 7

== Knowledge Skills ==
Alcohol : 2 [Hard Liquor] Pool: 4 (6)
Biology : 5 [Anatomy] Pool: 10 (12)
Japanese : 3 [Speak] Pool: 5 (7)
Military : 5 [Navy] Pool: 10 (12)
Music : 2 [Rockabilly] Pool: 4 (6)

== Qualities ==
SINner (Standard) (5)
Thermographic Vision

== Lifestyles ==
Low 1 months

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Wired Reflexes Rating 1

== Armor ==
Armor Jacket 8/6

== Weapons ==
Ares Alpha
+Smartgun System
Pool: 7 DV: 6P AP: -1 RC: 2
Ares Predator IV
+Smartgun System
Pool: 7 DV: 5P AP: -1 RC: 0
Ingram White Knight
Pool: 8 DV: 6P AP: -1 RC: 6
Unarmed Attack
Pool: 3 DV: 3S AP: – RC: 0


Vincent Mark Aspired to be a doctor, a pediatrician focusing on goblinoid youth like himself. It wasn’t long until their dream was shot down by countless school counselors explaining that going through medical school as a troll would be difficult. Even if they could keep grades high enough to get into college, could they continue? Would their large, knobby hands be capable of the finesse they would require? These words burrowed their way into the trolls mind, confounding them as to how they could achieve their goals.

A UCAS navy recruiter suggested a different route, becoming a Navy Corpsman. Vincent’s grades may not have been high enough to claw his way into medical school, but his ASVAB was more than sufficient to start navy recruit training after graduating. Vincent served as in navy hospitals and beside marine platoons for many years, climbing the ranks to Petty Officer Chief. Their time in the military gained him many loyal friends in the marine corps, grateful for his trauma training as well as their calm demeanor in the field, but somewhere along the way Vincent had made enemies as well.

If you know the name Vincent Mark, it isn’t difficult to find information on why the Ex-Corpsman doesn’t speak about his past. There are numerous articles documenting his Court-martial, claiming that they had abandoned their post, resulting in the deaths of multiple marines.

Regardless of if the accusations are true, Vincent was dishonorably discharged, stripping them of many of their civilian rights, being treated as a felon rather than a veteran of war. Unable to acquire legal work, they found themselves on the street, hair growing long and shagging, life seeming dim. While wandering the streets of Seattle Vincent strived to help those that they saw were in need. While doing this he ran into more than one
‘Shaddowrunner’, and eventually he ran into an injured woman who only gave her name as Sora. After some insisting on Vincent’s part to take care of the bullet wound she had procured, the woman laughed out, “Who do you think you are, the panacea to cure Seattle or something?”

Vincent mulled the thought over for a moment, gently stitching the woman’s wound shut as they replied, “Something like that, I suppose.”

“That’s an awful big job for one man,” she said, looking over his work as she stood to go, “But it you ever want to start on something smaller, I’ll be in touch.”


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